Intricate Consulting (IC) is a niche-service IT consulting firm that provides technology resource solutions for government agencies and companies across the United States.  From single development resource needs to staffing entire project teams, our unique client-centric approach makes IC the essential resource in delivering or supporting key technology initiatives on both local and national levels.


Intricate Consulting specializes in the areas of Identity and Access Management (IAM), Infrastructure Enabling Services and Governance-Risk Management-Compliance (GRC). We help you achieve your business targets by addressing critical gaps in your workforce, projects and your work functions.



Intricate Consulting Identity and Access Management (IAM) services cover a full range of features required to connect your users to both on premise and cloud resources in a secure and unified manner.


We implement best practices for identity and access management services, including but not limited to Identity Life Cycle Management, Directory Services, Federation Services, Single Sign-On, Strong Authentication, Synchronization, Privileged Identity Management, Policy Enforcement and Rights Management. We ensure the right people have access to the right resources at the right time.



With growing business complexities and desire to reduce exposure to risk coupled with increasing regulatory pressure on governance and compliance from internal and external stakeholders, organizations are pressed to improve their governance, risk management and compliance (GRC) functions. 


GRC solutions assist organizations in overseeing and automating processes. These tools can reduce redundant activities, produce more reliable data, and increase the automation of processes. Studies show that GRC solutions can help organizations achieve considerable cost savings.



Infrastructure is the backbone of any IT ecosystem. It is therefore important that it is carefully planned, designed, deployed, maintained and monitored in order for the enterprise to function efficiently.


At Intricate Consulting, we partners with our clients to design, and engineer technical business solutions with industry proficiency tailored to every customers requirements. With cloud first strategy, Intricate Consulting also assists Enterprises in understanding the value, risks, and timing of migrating portions of their IT portfolio to the cloud.


For the past decade, enterprise identity and access management (IAM) was a mostly a solved problem, Microsoft's Active Directory or Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) were sufficient tools for managing everything from group security policies to access and authorization to in-premise applications.  Now, organizations need tools to extend user access and identity to cloud applications and mobile devices while still integrating with existing investments in traditional IAM infrastructure services -- Gregg Kreizman, an IAM analyst at Gartner, Inc.



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